Inventory For Amazon FBA – A Change in 2015 – I Want More Freedom

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I’ve decided to change my business plan for 2015. I will be 90% Amazon FBA and 10% eBay in the New Year. I’ve come to love the FREEDOM of selling via Amazon FBA!

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Reselling St Louis, LLC says:

Did you get approved to sell DVD/Blue Ray with MSRP over $25?

I have been selling DVDs without any problem. I guess none of the ones I
have sold have an MSRP of $25 or greater.

Larry Burch says:

making small profit is good as making a large profit. More sells will add
up. Thanks for sharing.

Lamont Wilson says:

Be mindful of sending potentially restricted DVD brands like Warner Bros to

Emily Miner says:

are you willing to share which wholesaler your using trying to get ungated
for Amazon

Mothershipproducts says:

When are you joining the Green Room ?

Louie The Seller says:

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