Philip Kotler: Marketing Strategy

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Philip Kotler is the undisputed heavyweight champion of marketing. He’s authored or co-authored around 70 books, addressed huge audiences around the world and consulted some of the biggest brands. Three years ago, he was ranked the world’s fourth most influential management guru by the Financial Times; this year, the Wall Street Journal ranked him the sixth best business thinker. Not bad for a man born in 1931 – a child of the Great Depression, now 77 years of age.

The London Business Forum gave him a two-hour slot at Waterloo’s iMax theatre. Even so, his agenda was ambitious. Kotler wanted to tell the story of marketing from its point of formalisation about 80 years ago to the present day. He wanted to discuss how the relationship between companies and their customers has changed. He wanted to survey the latest thinking on branding. And, finally, he wanted to give us his own advice on how to make the new marketing paradigm work in our own organisations…

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Neil Ashiq Akash says:

learning marketing from the father of marketing… ­čÖé ´╗┐

Robert Armes says:

Wow radical change eh ………why pay guys like this to market your
products when you can do a way better job at it and pay your self instead.´╗┐

Giselle Rose says:
David Juris says:

Amazing video Philip Kotler these strategies are effective, Customer
management Strategy is main strategy in my thinking. thanks´╗┐

Prosper Jean No├źl says:

Awesome :)´╗┐

Gio Gionta says:

This is priceless info!´╗┐

Bp Rao says:

Nice Mantra.. CC->DV_>TP´╗┐

Dilraj Nalukandathil says:
Soufiane Erraisse says:

I like this thinker.. one of the most important figures of the modern mkt..´╗┐

Xilvia Figueroa says:


Alejandro Berrizbeitia says:

#philipkotler #2008´╗┐

Reid Armstrong says:

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Alfred P godwa says:

My Favorite Author !´╗┐

Karen Darmon says:

I’m using this for an intro class on marketing to a group of students who
know nothing about marketing; even in 2013 i find it useful ´╗┐

Gurmay Fraser-Darlington says:

This video is powerful. Marketing strategy should include product
management but more important customer management as per Dr. Phillip

Antonio Cruz says:

Marketing Strategy with Philip Kotler at the London Business Forum
Marketing Strategy with Philip Kotler at the London Business Forum´╗┐

Vikas Sharma says:

Marketing mantra´╗┐

Jay Biekro says:

Marketing Strategy: Jay Biekro´╗┐

TheCrankydick says:

amazing video´╗┐

Jay Biekro says:

Marketing Strategy´╗┐

Mimit Primyastanto says:

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Umair Lone says:

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Ech Jan says:

nice…i wouls sugguest to know more about the market Promote Mistry
Shopers ,,,the more they go undercover the more info they will get.

Freedom says:

some of producers create placebo value and people believe all of that or
sometimes they buy it because all manufacturers do the same and the
customers dont have any choice

letsdofflinebusiness says:

@onebrandofdemocracy I think the same. Customers do not care about the
business, they only care about the value they are getting. They only care
the solution to their problem. If we can solve it and efficiently
communicating it then we got a business.

Serik Aytenov says:

your brain inversely proportional to your age,you better use it for
understanding above lectures !

cmrctube says:

you are great kotler. i liked marketing because of you since i was in
college we learned your words.

Fuzail Ahmed says:

Nice lecture sir.I like for you.I love marketing.

Jonathan Calis says:

@Marcinex22 It’s AIDCA buddy; Attention, Interest, Desire, Conviction &

letsdofflinebusiness says:

@onebrandofdemocracy I absolutely agree.

Minang Song HD says:

Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing Philip Kotler is the undisputed
heavyweight champion of marketing

John Dawes says:

Hmm, surely by now we can go beyond these elementary, rather self-obvious
ideas towards marketing that is based on sound, empirical evidence.

onebrandofdemocracy says:

Actually, it simply proves the point. Value is generally viewed as a
price-quality relationship. These are very concrete terms. Quality can be
objectively measured. So can price. Value CANNOT. Value is only proposed by
Apple or any other company. It is the consumer and ONLY the consumer who
determines whether or not that price-quality relationship is of utilitarian
or emotional value. Apple hasn’t done anything but given the consumer
“things” at a price.

NikaKavkaz1 says:

@onebrandofdemocracy Apple is an example that makes your comment obsolete

Serviweb Espa├▒a says:

Is very useful, thanks

Miles Nera says:

Basically, Kotler is referring to the importance of “Innovation” when it
comes to perceived value.

cyberX10 says:

@thegreatgarry well said

Tom Barrett says:

Does any one know of any good seo channels?

perrotti568 says:

I have done this.

James Lanham says:

Dear Onebrandofdemocracy Please listen again to what Philip Kotler is
saying. Ask yourself: do you think that the man who wrote the book on
Marketing deserves a throwaway comment like that? Consumers cannot create
value…only Marketers. Kotler says that we have to determine what “value”
means to the Consumer and then act upon it. This is not old fashioned, is

Trze┼║wy Student says:

He’s like AIDA – attention, interest, decision, action. ­čśÇ

Memubitsu says:

Open innovation – corporate espionage on non-protected targets?

vaibhav dhamija says:

I’ve been reading his mktg mgmt. book, for not very long ago…but being an
MBA student, , watching him is always a blessing..hope i could meet him one

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