Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix

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They seemed like good ideas at the time… counts down our picks for the top 10 worst marketing mishaps in history.

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Shalaka Booyaka says:

Cosby be like, drink my coke, wake up with a hurt buttthole

The Guitar Whisperer says:

I TOTALLY remember the “Get ass-raped by the King, and get a Burger in the
morning” campaign. TOTALLY creepy….

Casey Smith says:

How was the Skittles commercial a marketing failure? That ad was hilarious.
It didn’t negatively affect Skittles at all so really don’t know why that
was on here. And you even put it ahead of things that affected companies in
a worse way. C’mon Mojo, what are you thinking?

Danox94 says:

Why not try Ayds?

spooks walrus says:

Because speed walking makes you gay…

Anon Ymous says:

is it mean of me to say “if Bill Cosby offers you ANYTHING to drink…don’t
take it”? 

SEspider says:

Wait a minute. How in the world does a commercial of Mr. T shooting candy
bars at a speed-walker, come off as anti-gay?!

Soopa Derpcat says:

Gay rights groups didn’t see the humor? Probably because most civil
rights groups these days
HAVE NO freaking sense of humor! Every adult citizen of the United States
has every right they
need. They can all run businesses, run for governmental positions, own
property, and seek
employment, and all have equal protection under the law (at least legally
and constitutionally; I’m
not going to say there are NO racist cops, I know there are.) There’s no
constitutional right to
not be made fun of. I’m a practicing Catholic, but I can still laugh at
myself sometimes; or at least, I can
understand why others might laugh at me taking in mind their point of view,
and I don’t throw a temper
tantrum and start suing people whenever somebody in a show says “oh my
God!” for taking the Lord’s
name in vain – a serious sin – and making me feel uncomfortable.

While people are suing corporations for making fun of them, the same people
are looking the
other way while unborn children are being denied the most basic human
right, the right to life, having
their heads split open and their brains vacuumed out because somebody
doesn’t FEEL like being
assed with raising a child or at least putting it up for adoption.

Jim Moriarty says:

Actually, the Mr. T bit was funny!

ModzVonXyborg says:

gay ppl are just too sensitive….grow some balls for once -_-

AbduCola says:

Watch Mojo= worst sense of humour

Alan Paoletti says:

New coke wasn’t a failure, it was a genius master plan. They wanted to
switch from sugar to corn syrup (which tastes slightly different) in the
recipe. They introduced new coke which they planned on being a failure so
they could switch to corn syrup and bring regular coke back. Do your

Daniel Dracovox says:

Gay rights movement getting upset over the snickers commercial?

Fuck them, I want new people representing me. People that aren’t soft and
easily offended over stupid crap.

Travis Huffman says:

“I met a man on the bus today. I shook (originally i typo’d it as shoot)
his hand. Because of me, that man will never see his family again.” I died
(of laughter) xD

Sheppy99 says:

When Bill Cosby needs to mask the flavor of his favorite date rape drug, he
always reaches for coke a cola classic. 

FWTNYouTube says:

I actually quite like the styling of the Edsel, though I may be one of a
select few. Yes it did have some mechanical issues. Okay, it had a lot of
them. But if it had a different engine, a better diff, and better power
steering, I think it could have been a great car. And don’t make fun of
the name either, it was to honor Henry Ford’s dead son. You wouldn’t make
fun of the Ferrari Dino’s name, now would you? And, for those of you who
aren’t big gearheads/petrolheads, it wasn’t the Ford Edsel. Edsel was a
marquis that Ford created in 1957, along with its Mercury and Lincoln
branches. Edsel actually produced several cars, including the Citation(my
personal favourite; just look at those tail lights!), and a couple of
wagon/estate cars as well.
If offered the chance, I’d buy an Edsel in a heartbeat. After switching
out some of the parts, of course.



BleuBorn says:

The Snickers commercial was offensive for many groups. It made it look like
you’re weak if you’re a woman, because a man ”is better” and shouldn’t do
feminine things. I say fuck that. If I want to wear lipstick and strut down
the street speed walking, I’ll fucking do it because I don’t need to follow
gender roles and stereotypes to feel good about myself. Being a man doesn’t
mean acting mean and tough and acting like a douchebag.

SkkyKidd says:

Look what I can do •◘○♦♣♠☺☻♥ hahaha I learned that today.

unknown unknown says:

That Mr.T add was the best, but since america is communist and gay ppl
complain about everything, the add is just an add, who cares its freedom of
speech and press, so if u dont like it, then dont watch it, that easy.

spacejustspace says:

#11 – Enbridge’s “e=doggy smiles” commercial, in which a Canadian oil
pipeline company tries to persuade you of its product’s benignity by
showing you that gas in your car allows you to take your dog on an outing.
So insulting it makes my eyes cross.

FluffyHellHound says:

You know Asimo is still around, right?

ScЯubbles™ says:

skittles ad was shortened and the man on the bus was nevershwn

survivorevil says:

our children will never meet refreshment? damn hahaha people was that
obsessed? its just a beverage not a human right or similar

KillshotKenny says:

New coke had roofies in it. placed by bill himself :)

Andy Watson says:

So that’s where South Park got that aids joke from. You know what episode
I’m talking about, the one with Jarod from Subway episode.

George Martin says:

My mom used to buy Ayds. They were a good tasting caramel with loads of

MrAmy19956 says:

Using today’s prices McDonald’s lost $377.15 in total

Gold: 83: Big Mac: $3.30 = $273.90

Silver: 61: Fries: $1.25 = $76.25

Bronze: 30: Pop (Coke): $ 0.90 = $27.00

bobtheduck says:

The Burger King thing was amazing and Sneak King was the best game on both
the original Xbox and 360.


Alex F says:

It’s not fair to include the AYDS candy one. It came out before anyone knew
about AIDS the disease and if it was still available by that time they
probably simply changed the name. Now the idea of a weight-loss candy, on
the other hand, that’s a discussion for another top 10 list.

ATLluver77 says:

I thought I watched a documentary that said before the “new Coke” debacle,
Pepsi was the preferred cola, and not until this happened did people really
enjoy Coke. I could be wrong though. 

TheJbkilla42087 says:

Netflix failed? Lol now everyone streams and don’t even have dvd players

Animiles says:

Every 2 minutes while watching commercials on tv I think ‘what were they

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