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This is the beginning of the season where we will need to start thinking about our gardens! Today I wanted to start from the very beginning! That means, planning!

So here are the most important things I think you will need for planning. Paper or pad or journal and a pen along with The Square Foot Gardening book or the garden book of your choice and make yourself the best decision you can about starting your garden and have a successful end result!

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Fensterfarm Greenhouse says:

Those are both great resources. Those who have questions outside of the
information contained in those books have another great resource here on
this medium. Most of the gardeners on here are glad to help when asked for
This is a great video Noreen and I hope that it helps to jump start some of
these viewers into what is a very rewarding adventure.

The Kneady Homesteader says:

Matt LOVES that guy who writes square foot gardening! i know he was going
to try to start a garden box garden!.
i love this video!

TheChristina Jo says:

Check out Half Price Books or Hastings for discounted bargains.
Add Seed To Seed by Susan Ashwood. Important for seed savers!!!

preciousfour3 says:

I need HELP…….last year I planted garlic for the first time and
harvested them when it was time but I went outside a couple a days ago
because our weather is finally getting warmer and I noticed that the garlic
is growing back and I don’t know what to do before they die on me. Do I
water them? Do I just leave them alone, any advice would be greatly
appreciated. I live in Kansas :0)

Noreen's Garden says:

Let’s start at the very beginning! A garden starter guide! Plan, plan,

Christine McDermid says:

I bought the “Square foot gardening” book about 3 years ago and it is
great. Mel (the writer) tells you exactly what you need and how to do it.
Be small, medium or large garden, he is your fountain of knowledge for the
square foot gardening method. He also gives you recipes to use your
produce!. I always grow way to much basil, Mel has a great recipe for Pesto
you can freeze. Great vid Noreen!

preciousfour3 says:

Thanks Noreen for your response and it has been very helpful. Hey to be
honest I think confused myself with my experience with this garlic! But it
is a learning experience and I do have fun learning new things. Thanks
again I will take your advice and just leave them alone. Blessings

Colleen F says:

Noreen. . .you are the best! I just love your videos!!!! I am happy to
be getting back to gardening this year. I also plan on taking my canning
and preserving to the next level. Your videos inspire and empower me.
Thank you for your information and guidance. . . you are fantastic!!!!

TheCreativeChica says:

Thanks for this video Noreen! 2 summers ago I started growing tomatoes for
the 1st time and had wonderful results! I’m going to look for the books you
recommended. Also loved that journal, did you make it? How is the rubber
band attached? I want to make one.

John Dimino says:

Thank you for the starter. I neede this kind of start. Looking for to the
next help.

Pam Russell says:

Great information..Thanks!

Apron Acres says:

and to save even more $, borrow the books for free out of one’s public
library first. 

Vydra06 says:

I’d also recommend googling “growyourheirlooms free gardening ebooks”. It’s
a list of books available for free that you can read online or print off.
Yes, most of them are early 1900’s, but it is still valid and good

Shavonna Harrison says:

Thanks a million for this info, I am looking to start my first garden this

Hugh Janus says:

I started veg gardening last year and it’s great! I’m growing Beefsteak
Toms. and three kinds of peppers, plus a few others, not sure yet. .I’m
container gardening on my terrace at my apt. Spring is coming so get
started! Happy gardening!

nery colon 1 says:

I’m new in gardening. I have 2 years but I have learn so much. My first
tomato didn’t cost me anything. I just took some seeds of a tomato that I
ate and planted it in the ground. I grew and gave me tomatoes but it died
and now I have around 4 baby tomatoes. Great video

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