How To Start A Business – Business Ideas For Starting A Business

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Close How to Start a Business is the topic of this presentation from John Hunt, author of , “The Do-It-Yourself Marketing Handbook.” You will find the six steps to starting a business even if you have no business ideas, business license, or a business plan. You are taken through the steps of how to start a business from business idea generation through implementation. This presentation was originally given to a group of small business owners and those who were looking into the possibility of self-employment. Get business ideas, a business plan template and a six step roadmap to success by watching this presentation on how to start a business.

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Syed Rizwan says:


Veggie Gamer says:

Really good video! Thanks!

Cha Agung Cahyadi says:

Start a business

Joyce Harvey says:

Thanks for the great tips. I plan to upload a video next Saturday, February
1, 2014 to give people that are considering starting a Home Base business
tips from my experience. I’m confident this information will help them
avoid some of the pitfalls I made.

Dipendra Adhikari says:

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venus psychic says:

i love the way he explains things ..

k a says:

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