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Do You Seem To be Doing The Right Things
But Can’t Get It Going…Yet?

Now it wasn’t that I did not put the effort in — I worked hundreds if not thousands of hours trying to get things going.

It wasn’t because I didn’t have ideas for my own products — I was a successful speaker offline with a vast amount of knowledge that could easily be turned into products.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the knowledge — I had spent a significant amount of money on some of the best internet marketing products launched in the last few years

It wasn’t that I didn’t lack the motivation to get things done — I had huge goals about my perfect life and then things I wanted to do, see and experience as part of the “Internet Lifestyle”.

And it wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted my business to be like — I had a very clear picture of what it was going to look like.

So what was it?

Well it seems I had become what is known online as a “Business Hobbyist”.
Do You Have A Business…
or just an Expensive Hobby?

I didn’t have a business at all. Every Online Success Story Has These 3 Things..

If you look at all of the popular internet business success stories you will find there are three obvious features to their success:

They had a very strong and compelling REASON to build a business
They had a very good idea of the RESULT they would need to create for that reason
They had a very clear ROADMAP of how to achieve that result

And today you will find that many of these successful and now wealthy internet business gurus sell us their Result and their Roadmap so that we too can repeat their success for ourselves.

And people like you and I buy these products because of what we want for ourselves.

Now let me get clear on one thing right now:

These products work.

There are too many examples of successful students taking these courses and making a success of them, so they do work.

Of course there are scams and poor “copycat” products but if you follow a respected internet marketing guru you will find their products are genuine.

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