How to Write a Business Plan

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This short video describes how and why to write a business plan, using SBA’s free tool at

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Lyle Mullins says:
U.S. Minority Business Development Agency says:

A step-by-step roadmap for writing your next business plan.

Mord Fustang says:

Very helpful, thank you

Heath Rutledge says:


Sharron Henry says:
Best Local Businesses In says:

In this video, the SBA did a great job of laying out the 6 Basic Sections
of what goes into a business plan and a brief summary explaining the
purpose of each section. What’s fantastic is the fact that the SBA provides
a FREE Build Your Business Online service that you can access 24 hours per
day. This is great for all of you Do-It-Yourselfers! This is a great 2/12
minute high-level overview of what goes into writing a business plan!

Jenae Scrimshire says:


WhoDoesSBAloans says:

This is very good general information. Thank you for posting this. 

ANDe International, LLC. says:

Its World Business Plan Month! Call ANDe today for a complimentary Business
Plan consultation!

AcceptCreditCardsINC says:

What a great resource for new businesses! We share this with all small
businesses that sign up for our service!

Start a New Business says:

This video is a well thought out one for the benefit of small business and
is very helpful.

Nizar Noorani says:

Get up to speed on writing business plan

Starfish*Global LLC says:

The business plan builder offered by the SBA is probably the most valuable
tool there is.

Josue Campos Alvarez says:
GMR Web Team says:

In order to have a successful business, you need to prepare a proper
business plan. You must define your business, understand the needs of your
customer and also make sure of all the possible ways of accessibility of
products and services for your customers.

Rich M says:

Great overview of business plans!

AtlantaEcoCleaners says:

Learned how to do this a few years ago and it made a big difference to my

MultiDinoKid says:

this is my home writing abuiness plan im homeschooled and 6th grade wish me
luck x.x

Eric N says:

Oh god, the comment section…

MultiDinoKid says:


If you have a good business plan then there is a possibility of receiving
very large business opportunities.

SSchithFoo says:

This is really helpful for a beginner, and I really like her voice 🙂

David Ryanson says:

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