Ask Tim Berry – 3 Common Business Planning Questions

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Close – Business planning expert Tim Berry answers three common questions he gets: Why write a business plan? What’s most often misunderstood about business planning? Why do I recommend Business Plan Pro for business planning? For more free advice and resources, visit

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zak00101 says:

@Bigkenny90 Fear of business idea theft is one of the most common fears
among novice entrepreneurs. There are confidentiality agreements and
intellectual property registration of business planĀ“s.

Palo AltoSoftware says:

@zak00101 Fear of idea theft and fear of failure are definitely common
among novice entrepreneurs. There are things one can do to protect your
idea and brand, we touch on them in our article on bplans dot com. Visit
the website (bplans dot com) and use the search at the top to search for
“protect an idea”.

kouchay says:

hey wow i do not know what to say u have said it all simple easy to
understand im working on my business plan and what u have said is the way
to do it …. thank u

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