Business Planning : How to Write a Business Plan

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When writing a business plan, make sure to include the key components, such as an executive summary, an operation section, a management section, a marketing section, a finance section and an appendix. Find out how to write these sections of a business plan with the help of this free video from the owner of a small business.

Expert: FJ Cava
Bio: FJ Cava has an Master’s of Business Administration from San Francisco State, and he has worked with the Small Business Administration. Currently, he owns Bayview Webspot.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee

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I never thought that a Business Plan can be written that fast and easy.

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Anthony Melillo says:

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TexasSharkFishing says:

Amazing Presentation. Financial Plan only one page showing breakeven?
Market Section needs to come before the operations and management section.
But at least you put a video together and posted it up. Best of luck in
your journey.

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Emily Johnson says:

Would things like insurance go under Operations or Management?

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very clear, concise, and straight to the point. Thanks!

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cool video. very interesting.

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Brilliant simple and to the point.

SuPeRm4n100 says:

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