Music Business Plan – Asking the best questions when you’re soliciting

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Music Business Plan — Asking the best questions when you’re soliciting. An LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker & Author Music Industry Blog Video.

When it comes to soliciting to agents, managers, producer, investors with either your music business plan or the requests you are looking for, make sure you are asking the best questions to get both responses and results. So many, or actually way too many artists half ass their soliciting when it comes to emails, Facebook messaging, Twitter messaging or what ever else.

Be professional, think abut what you are looking for and make sure you are not coming off confusing or worse like you are just email spamming. Simply put when you are music marketing for money, bookings, producers or whatever, it is going to take a direct question that is precise and easy. A bad approach to your music business plan of soliciting is when you are sending short notes saying, “this is the link to my song.”

So what? Who cares? Do you want me to review it, share it, listen to it, find someone to perform it? Just sending a note like that is foolish and ineffective not to mention unprofessional and not the best way to approach your marketing and promotion techniques to those in or out of the industry.

Think about what you want, individualize your request and your approach to the person you are sending it to. Make a core element of your music business plan include a solicitation plan that is going to get responses that will then turn to conversions and answers you are looking for. When you address the who, what, when, where, why and how of what you are looking for and the details of your request, you are going to get a lot more answers than sending short, email spamming notes to everyone with no detail and no care. Ask a question or the questions that will be the first step to getting the answers that you are looking for. Instead of assuming your short message and short link actually makes that much sense.

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