Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

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Erica Olsen, COO and Co-Founder of http://OnStrategyHQ.com illustrates the full strategic planning process in less than five minutes. Understand the importance of defining your direction, setting up an effective strategic plan that can be communicated to your staff so everyone knows what the priorities are. With everyone pulling in the same direction, momentum is easy to achieve. For more resources on building your strategic plan, view the Essentials Guide to Strategic Planning at http://onstrategyhq.com/resources/strategic-planning-process-basics/

Used by thousands of companies worldwide, http://OnStrategyHQ.com enables any organization, regardless of size and budget, to build their comprehensive plan in a matter of weeks (or even days) and monitor implementation all year long. In addition to their award-winning software, the company also offers strategic planning consulting and is a resource for other strategic planning tools, books, articles, workshops, and strategic planning facilitation.​

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Sazali MohamedSalleh says:

Great Job! Good effort in making the lecture interesting. :)

Alice Jones says:

This is a great video, super helpful. I’ll let you know how it turns out
for me! Great job

Dmitriy Yevseyev says:

4:12 is my favorite part:)
This is a really good explanation. Thanks!@

Management courses says:

This is exactly for someone like me who can’t put up with long boring
lectures … Thx a million for sharing 

Jen M says:

My university needs to hire you!

wasiu shobajo says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

egyp seals says:

Your presentation skills are awesome we are waiting for more from you
and thanks alot

abhilash dubey says:

Thankyou soo much mam that was really very helpful..! 

Jakob Kaiser says:

This was highly informative and very well illustrated!

norfolkinchance says:

This is a box standard approach. It’s a great into to strategic planning,
but it is a process that was devised 20,30,40 years ago. The challenge for
organisations today, is that the world is less stable and is more fluid.
New technologies are developing and changing faster than ever, so planning
3 years in advance is pointless. The political and economic pressures are
changing faster than ever, so once again, planning up to 2 years is a real

Organisation and the planning process needs to become iterative and more
agile. Speed of new products to market is key, small, agile, tightly
focused teams in getting new products and services delivered makes
organisations successful.

The world is now, less oil tanker and more speed boat. 

Hugo Gomes says:

cool jacket

Ralph Jennies says:

Thank you.. More more… Please

sks mpongwe says:

excellent and precise

carlos cortez says:

Muchas gracias, excelente vídeo, objetivo claro y preciso.

Zani Bothma says:

Thank you! You have the gift of teaching!

Switzerland Live says:

A real fun begins when you attempt to apply all these in an existing
complex organization and try to align corporate, global functions, regional
and business unit strategies with multiple product families/technologies in

Stephen Lee says:


rosemarie Caballero says:

very helpful, very clear and understandable! thanks alot

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abudhabimaori says:

Great stuff

Leo Abady says:

Thanks , clear and easy English..! :D

santosh shrestha says:

yes, nice explanation,

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Dominic Hyland says:

This is terrific, a super heads-up and I feel much more prepared to answer
my Director’s awkward ‘How would you suggest that we start?’ style
questions. Thank you.

Gen X says:

Great job, thanks

Brad Closson says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

satya narayana says:

Superior Knowledge, Thanks

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unhappy with me.

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suliman elzoway says:

thanks a lot

nfulena says:

Thank you for the direct and easy-to-follow overview model of the strategic
planning process, much simpler than the textbook 9-stage process and really
puts it into perspective.

Sukhjinder Kahlon says:

Thanks for you great help. I am subscribed..

Lionel Phillips says:

Weel said

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K Aad says:

thanx it was sample and useful

dragnetace says:

That was a very short, to the point, and very helpful summation of the
strategic planning process. It condenses approximately 300+pages of
textbook information into five minutes (minus the tedious details). Good
stuff. MLH

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