Why Most Business Plans Don’t Work by Patrick Bet-David

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Why business plans don’t work http://www.patrickbetdavid.com

Valuetainment Weekly Episode #106

The best business plan video on YouTube won’t give you as much as content as Patrick does in this new episode of Valuetainment Weekly. Why aren’t business plans effective all the time? Most people should devote some time to creating life plans instead. Why? Find out the points and reasoning behind it in this new episode.

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Nicky Matthews says:

I do a dream board, for those who are visual you can look at it every day.
Like this it will keep you focused and as you say Patrick motivated. ´╗┐

Jang H. Kim says:

Thanks, Patrick. I always enjoy and get value from your videos. If you want
to work on your health, come see me and do some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. ­čśë
We’re on the corner of Vanowen and Topanga.´╗┐

Cristina Javier says:

my life plan is done thanks to this video?PHP #1´╗┐

Angel Luis Rivera Jr, P.A. says:
EmpowerMarket says:

Keep up the great work brother! #everydaywakegoodday´╗┐

jovani mondragon says:

Thank you Pat´╗┐

Josue Lopez says:

What a great video Pat. Great Philosophy to adapt. Thank you! ´╗┐

Michael Clarke says:
Patrick Bet-David says:

Why business plans don’t work´╗┐

Anne Groff says:

Patrick, Thank you for this video. I love the idea of the life plan rather
than a single dimension plan about business. You have inspired me to get
back to doing this. Happy Holidays to you and yours!´╗┐

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