Strategic Plan Template

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This video, and its accompanying strategic plan template (which you can download for free from ) shows you the importance of completing a strategic plan, and provides you a free template to create your own strategic plan.

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Patrick Bet-David says:

Really liked your video!

siddig mohamed says:


Maxwell Abok says:

Don, how can these steps be used to do a STRATEGIC PLAN REVIEW

Jesvinder Singh says:

Thank you. Very helpful. Detailed road map. 

Brenda C says:

This is very helpful. Do you still have the forms to download? If, YES,
can you send me the link or send them to me?

Maxwell Abok says:

Thnak you Don. This is much easier to follow

Melody Jackson says:

So great for concise thinking. Since I tend to complicate things, I like
the idea of keeping it simple enough to fit on the 2 pages…. Also like
the idea of the front-loaded plan. It’s predictable that you don’t quite
get it all done, so having it front-loaded, you can adjust. Great job,

james oranja says:

wow!!! you are good. great video.

Katie Shakleton says:

I too found this very useful and would love to download the templates –
please share? Thanks

510Russ says:

This is great! A vast majority of the guidance out there is for new
organizations: Mission, Vision, SWOT, Goals, Objectives. Unlike the
others, your approach is especially well suited to an older organization
like ours. We know our mission, vision, core values, etc. But we have our
issues, and they are preventing us from carrying out our mission
effectively to attain the vision. Your gap analysis approach that generates
a strategic plan whose main “thought time” involves outcomes, will help us
to move forward. Thanks for posting this video and the templates!

Don Crowther says:

Thanks for pointing the broken link out. Sorry. We blew it, but have now
fixed it. The link works, and this template has been downloaded over 50,000
times! Love to have you join them! Don

Gabriele Campana says:

THANK YOU DON. Last night I had to make a Strategic Plan for sales in Latin
America and I searched through the web and google images. After going
through many forms I got lucky and found your youtube video. It was
excellent and the link was easy to download the forms. We are going to
implement the system in the Company. Simple and easy..CONGRATULATIONS!

haithamsq says:

very very very usefull.. thank you

WorldWideWebDoctor says:

This was very clear and easy to understand. Very helpful! Thank you for the
example documents

paul Singh says:

Good Guidance

Phil Miller says:

Cheers mate:)

Don Crowther says:

De Nada. And Gracias to you too for this kind post. It made my day!!!

Victor Michael says:

I should have added, just go to his website and search for
strategic-plan-template. It will take you to an article and then about 1/2
way through the article, there is a hyperlink titled 2 Page Strategic Plan
(49926) that is it.


I am planing to start a new business very soon and I would love to here
anything that you all can sugesst to me that would help me to move forward
at a suficent but rapid pace. please send any coments to me @ thanks

Allan Fraser says:

You can no longer download this template from Don’s web site. Pity.

Don Crowther says:

Duly slapped. It works now! Thanks Victor! Don

Don Crowther says:

Thanks Merrie, Pavan, and Allan. The link works now! Don

startupbuildervideos says:

Not bad, not bad at all. You presented this very well #UN#. I enjoyed
watching it, looking forward to more videos from you.

Pavan Kanugo says:

Hi the download link doesn’t work

Gabriele Campana says:

You are welcome. The few times I write usually it is to mention something
that is not working well…I felt very happy last night when I could find a
strategic plan that was well explained on you tube and that you made the
forms so easy to download and fill. Most places they make you fill a ton of
personal information even before we get to see if it is useful or not. I
wish you the best in your projects. Regards. Gabriele

Manuel Huerta Amores says:

Hi, I am going to use your template for a University assignment. please let
me know how to make reference it using the hardware reference method.
Thanks in advance

Victor Michael says:

I should specify, the link from the video doesn’t work. But the template is
on Don’s website along with a whole lot of other useful information.

Victor Michael says:

it is still on the website I just downloaded it this morning.
Unfortunately, the link does not work. Don may have to slap his IT people.

soptemplates says:

Thanks for the video !

Amy Ditolla says:


سعيد الحوسني says:

Hi, thank you for the details and information.

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