Crazy Simple Explanation of Young Living Compensation Plan

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Close Want to get the gist of how to get paid from Young Living? This is where you begin!

Learning the bonus plan can be confusing, not with this video. Master these dollars and scents and you will be ready to learn the finer details.

Just know, on the back end of the plan you earn 7-10%, that is if you are no longer sponsoring new distributors. If you’re actively sponsoring, you can add major cash ‘o la to those numbers.

* Video created by Distributor #430379. This video is not guaranteeing any particular income will be made. Results are dependent on your and your productivity.

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Julie DiMarzio says:

Definitely watching this several times. I am a visual learner and would
like a graph showing the different levels

Donna Tafuri says:

Love this THANKS.. Question, You say right at the that we need to order 100
pv so we get a check and that it’s tax deductible. Can you explain the
tax deductible a bit more?

Chau Nguyen says:


Ralph David says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a great presentation and simple
explanation of the plan! I am new and my up line isn’t really into
equipping. So this is awesome!

Kaitlin Royalty says:

Can someone explain a little more what PV means? Is that the amount of
money you bring in or the amount of people in your group? I’m not
completely grasping the concept

essential oils says:

Crazy Simple Explanation of Young Living Compensation Plan 

Tammy Richards says:

This is awesome. Do you have to have builders under you to become Silver? I
so want to do this. Do you do events? How do you promote yourself? I
haven’t walk the pavement yet. thanks for this

Chau Nguyen says:


Ella Matthews says:
Ig Vigé says:

Jen, slight clarification/correction to what you presented .. the Enroller
receives Fast Start Bonus/Starter Kit Bonus ($25 + 25% first 3 months) and
the Sponsor receives Unilevel Bonus (8%), and if you are both the
Enroller/Sponsor then you get *both* from the outset ($25 Kit/25% FSB *and*
8% UB)!!!

NoheaLani Mommy says:

Thanks for doing this video! I have used essential oils since I was a
teenager, but I’ve just recently gotten into Young Living essential oils.
I have a question about the achievement levels: Do you have to accumulate
that many PV in one month? What is the time frame in which you need to
rack up the PV? Thanks again!! :)

Melissa Quinones says:

Very nice Jennifer! I enjoy listening to all of your videos and conference
calls. God bless you!

Janice Beckler says:

Good explanation! So glad I could Pin it for later too!

younglivingvietnam says:
Amy Steele says:

Is the whole order tax deductible or just the 100 pv part of the order?

tracy griffiths says:

You are so cool! Thank you Jen for making this video and sharing so

Lenora Aumiller says:

thanks this is a lot of help God Bless

Join Mary Kane says:

Thanks Jen! I love your videos! Thanks for blessing a LOT of folks and
their businesses with all that you contribute!

Jennifer Vaught says:

Thank you for doing this video!!!! Love all your videos!

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