My Simple 5×5 New Year Plan

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A lot of you have asked me what I personally do to set myself up for success in the new year. My answer is more “big picture” than, say, making a pact with yourself to drink more green juice, or coming up with a new mantra to say in the mirror every morning.

Here’s what I do for planning a new year:

I take into account where I want to be in my business in 365 days, what I want to be creating, and how I want to be sending it out to serve all of you.

Then, from that mash-up of ideas, I create a Master Action Plan for my business – a MAP for the year. At the heart of my MAP, I am setting 5 major goals. I create a vision board for each goal, and I decide on 5 major milestones I need to pass in order to reach it. (It’s pretty simple, but crazy effective. Just think 5×5.)

That gives me 25 total milestones for the year to work towards.

Centering your energy around 25 things per year is a way to equip yourself with immense focus and clarity around what’s to come.

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Paisarn Tanomarom says:

I Thanks a lot for your inspirational advice, I also have my own New Year’s
Resolution as well , So We have a lot of discipline’s behavior to reach
that Goal..2015
Keep walking in your fantastic goal…Everybody … Cheer it up further 

Book Snob Wannabe says:

1. Lose 40 pounds in order to apply for a Navy Officer Program
2. Obtain my LMSW License
3. Write a short story and enter it into a short story competition
4. Develop and grow my Youtube Channel and website
5. Obtain a new job 

Virg Lewis says:

Two of my bigger projects are publishing a series of eBooks (have the
material; need to format and upload) and starting a podcast series (already
have a few people interested in being guests). They will complement one

Lathika Kundu says:

Absolutely love your videos!! 

Kelly Hudson says:

Check out Natalie’s Simple 5×5 New Year Plan on YouTube! I’m going to do

Style Sew Me says:

Congratulations on the book deal!

Jim Morrison says:

1. Get Rich
2. Will see when I get rich
3. Look at number 2
4. I think I got this wrong..
5. Give all money to charity and go live in India

Varuna Iyer says:

thanks Natalie. You motivate me to go ahead in life. What kind of
milestones can be set for a homemaker.

Marion Ann Berry says:

I love the MAP idea! My main goal is to publish my first book, the
milestones you set for getting your book published have helped me see the
bigger picture very clear now. Thank you!

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