My Story — The Simple Strategic Plan

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Laura Posey used to have a great business that generated consistent income for her and great results for her clients. But she was miserable running it. She hated going to the office every day and doing repetitive work that didn’t inspire her.

So, she took two weeks off and went hiking in the desert of Sedona, Arizona to get some perspective and clear her head. What she discovered there was that she wasn’t living HER dream of owning a business — she was following someone else’s script. That night, she sat down and wrote her first Simple Strategic Plan.

It changed her life from boredom and drudgery to excitement and inspiration. With just one sheet of paper, she’s able to stay focused on her biggest dreams and goals and get them done every day. She even makes more money than she ever has! The Simple Strategic Plan can change your life, too.

Watch another video at the link below to find out exactly how to run your ideal business from just one sheet of paper!

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