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It takes bravery to do this thing of acting outside of accepted norms. Which is a valiant choice.

As a member of The Hustler’s Mindset Project, you will be judged and sometimes harshly. Using the power of choice is how you arrived at the doorsteps of this group. You saw one of my YouTube videos, or someone said hey you need to join this group, and you made the decision to come here.

One of the biggest lies on the planet is your fate is predetermined. Part of this is due to cultural indoctrination deeply rooted in tribalism. There are prescribed measures of what you should do to be considered a successful person.

I agree with many of those measures my issue stems from the way that you travel to what we consider to be an accomplishment. The box is narrow and tight. Anyone that is operating outside of that box on a regular to moderately radical perspective is considered an undesirable variable of society.

If you are operating outside the box and achieve a high level of success because of it, you’re lauded as a trailblazer and progressive thinker. Without the evidence of massive success, you’re considered a kook or weird person. Frequently when you’re walking on a different path you will yield different outcomes and results than someone walking a pedestrian road.

Many things that you will learn here will be radical.

However, they will be in your best interest and properly applied will make your life better. Put more money in your pocket and help you achieve your dreams. There are many things to be learned here but more importantly this is a great place to share what you’ve learned and to help others.

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Glendon Cameron says:

Thanks dude I appreciate the love!


Are you going to record the challenge and post it?

Glendon Cameron says:

That is an excellent idea- goals at the front of your mind have a way of
becoming reality!

Glendon Cameron says:

There are some new stories up- about 3 this week!!! Thanks for the props!


fuck your cool


Once again G you never cease to amaze me never keep it up bro.

Glendon Cameron says:

You are welcome!!!

LuLuBelle Lemonpie says:

Yep, Glendon is pretty fucking awesome, but don’t give him a big head! 😛 I
just wish he’d tell more stories. I miss the days when I had not already
seen all his videos. 🙂

Brian C says:

One thing I do when I want to complete goals is to write down what I want
to do on different pieces of paper and tape them to different locations I
go to frequently. When I keep reading these papers it gives me enthusiasm
and I am always thinking about it. Some locations I place this in my house
– the refrigerator door, bathroom wall, as a screen saver on my pc, etc. I
don’t place it where I can’t focus on it, like by the tv. Another spot I
tape these is on my dashboard of my van. I find i

Glendon Cameron says:

Probably not on this side.

Glendon Cameron says:

Thanks Slick!!

JewelledStar says:

Brilliant advice again, thank you!

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