Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan Can Pay Off if You Have a Working System

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Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan Can Pay Off if You Have a Working System

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Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company based out Minnesota. They offer a wide selection of convenient, easy-to-prepare foods designed to help people spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the rest of their lives. Being a direct sales company they rely on independent consultants to market and sell their products to consumers primarily at home testing parties.

Tastefully Simple offers a product line of over 60 foods that can be prepared quickly and with 2 ingredients or less. Their product line covers appetizers, dinners, and desserts and they offer over 5,000 recipes online. Customers are introduced to products at the in home demonstrations, Any items purchased are delivered to the customer via mail. You can view their product catalog here.

Tastefully Simple Consultant

Tastefully Simple offers the opportunity for Tastefully Simple Consultant to run their own business as an Independent Tastefully Simple Consultant. Being a direct sales company, Tastefully Simple Consultants are the primary distributors and marketers of the products. A Tastefully Simple Consultant earns money in two ways: sell food and sponsors others. It’s the basic network marketing company compensation formula. Tastefully Simple pays 30% commission to their Tastefully Simple Consultant on sales of retail products. The infographic on their site shows that with as little as 16 hours a week (4 in-home parties) you can earn up to $2,000 (gross profit) a month. To become a Tastefully Simple Consultant you are required to pay $170 for a start up kit. To remain active as a Tastefully Simple consultant, you are required to sell at least $400 of product in every quarter.

The Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan allows a Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan to earn a 30% commission on sales. Tastefully Simple’s products are consumable, which typically encourages repeat business a lucrative Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan.

Tastefully Simple’s Compensation Plan is similar to other MLM businesses in that it names each level of achievement with consultant titles. The first level of the Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan basic “Consultant”, while the second level of the Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan is called “Senior Consultant”. Senior Tastefully Simple Consultants must recruit one active member to their team, “active” team member meaning an individual that produces at least $400 in sales in a single calendar quarter for the Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan.

The third level is called “Team Leader” and this position requires a Tastefully Simple Consultant to have three active members on their team. All Tastefully Simple Consultants members including the team leader must produce $400 per calendar quarter in order to maintain Team Leader status as a Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan. Once this is achieved, Team Leaders are then qualified to receive 5% of the Tastefully Simple Consultant team’s sales.

If you want to take your Tastefully Simple Business to the next level, then click the link below for a powerful video training.

Tastefully Simple Compensation Plan Will Work if You Have a Working System

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