Business plan app & how to plan a business

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Visit for all our apps. The app helps to create a business plan. You can plan your business and get help starting your business, all on the mobile app.

The app helps you understand the vital sections of a business plan and guide you through each section of a business plan with tutorials for each section of the business plan as you write the business plan via the software tools on the app.

When you are done, you can download your business plan document to your email. The app also offers additional resources for entrepreneurs such as podcasts and videos.

In addition to the software tools and tutorials that help you write your business plan, the app offers step-by-step tutorials for how to start the actual business, and a guide to raise money via grants, loans, donations, and investment. Although, of course, raising money is never easy.

One misconception many people have is that they need a very long business plan. And they write the business plan in a very long and inflated style, using overly complex and flowery language. But the reality is that today, business plans have to be shorter, more succinct, very clear, and to the point. Most people will not want to read fifteen pages if they can get the vital information in 1 page.

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