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I have new Send Out Cards videos out as this video details the compensation plan as it was in 2012…

Send Out Cards has made updates – BIG updates. Want to see the latest? Check for an update on Send Out Cards AND Sendcere – a website that will rival Pinterest once it is released from Beta… yeah, its THAT big a deal!

Needless to say, I’m excited about Send Out Cards… what was a great company in 2012, has continued to advance and is now the ONLY real home based business I support.

This is a powerful new program with Send Out Cards that WILL propel the company to NEW HEIGHTS. Of that I have NO doubt! Watch this video before and after you watch Kody on the Jan 10, 2012 SOC-TV. ( – scroll to bottom of page – click “soc-tv archive”) Get EXCITED! This is the future…the future is NOW.

Remember Send Out Cards and Sendcere

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Al Sills says:

I have a new video coming out VERY SOON – look to for
an update on what Send Out Cards is doing´╗┐

send out cards1 says:

thanks for clearing this up!

Al Sills says:

Fully understood. If you’d like to dialogue further, talk about SOC and
perhaps another business I’ve found that I endorse… contact me at

Al Sills says:

thanks, its been a while though… i believe there have been additional

VIG74 says:

And I’m not degrading the company, because I really like the idea of Send
Out Cards. The only thing that is turning me off, is this “training”
program. If you can move up the ranks without the training program, then
I’m all ears.

Wendy Haden says:

This video needs to be updated. You have done an awesome job, but it is not

VIG74 says:

Like the concept of Send Out Cards. Was about to join because I believe
this is a great product. But now they implement this Certified Training
Program, and I don’t like it. What is the point? How did Send Out Cards
manage to get by for 7 years WITHOUT the training program? I think it’s a
concept like this that gives network marketing a bad name. The CTP just
seems to be a way of bringing more money into the company. Sure, they
dropped the initial fee to $295, but these costs are unjustified.

Al Sills says:

Vig74, thanks for your thoughts and being honest. The company is a good
company and I have to admit I was skeptical when I saw what Kody (the ceo)
was doing…however, I also know this – the *key* to success in MLM is
duplication, right? So, a company led training program should be a GOOD
thing. And…paying people to DO the training (yes, lots of the CT money
goes BACK to the “field”) will provide incentive for them to do what they
should already be doing. You agree?

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