How to write a business plan and open a car wash

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In this video tutorial I talk about how to write a business plan for a car wash, and once you have a business plan and a strong strategy, how to actually start this business and open a car wash.

The first things you need to consider when you write a business plan for a car wash is how you will raise the money to start this business, and what might be the ideal location for this kind of a business. You should also consider what kind of a car wash you will have. You can open a self service car wash, a full service one, and a drive through conveyer belt style car wash. The most lucrative kind of a car wash is usually the self service one followed by a conveyer belt kind of a car wash. Choosing the location is also difficult. Car washes need to be where there is quite a bit of car traffic, and those locations within cities tend to be expensive because any businesses near highly trafficked streets get quite a bit of marketing via that traffic. That means that there might be stiff competition to get the best locations.

Once you raise the money for this business, choose a location, and begin the process of opening your car wash, you will need to get many licenses and permits from your city, state and possibly your county. To find out which licenses and permits you need, you can either hire a lawyer or call your city hall, county office, or the secretary of state office for your particular state within United States. When you call them, they will tell you exactly what kind of licenses and permits you will need for your business. You will also need to register your business as an LLC or an S corp or a C corp or another kind of business entity. It is best to consult with an attorney before deciding on which type of business entity is ideal for your unique situation.

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